by Robin Bradley




The land is in turmoil as a vicious civil war brings out old clan rivalries and splits the kingdom allowing those with unjust motives to prosper and gain power. Ever since king Blagergast died without an heir the two most likely candidates have been fighting each other for control of the capital city of Belserate. The holy city founded by the first king of Deryland when he led the people of Deryland over the land bridge from the darkness that consumed there homeland.

The war has been raging for the last five years with control of the capital passing back and forth between the two rivals who both claim to be king in their own right. Every spring old alliances are called into play as the gwerbrets ( justices of the provinces ) call in the lords who owe fealty to them and the clans jostle for power as old rivalries and teretorial disputes spring up between the two sides. They gather to do battle for lands and for control of the precious capital. The war doesn't look like its going to find a quick and easy end, both sides have large forces at there disposal although he last few summers has depleted both sides such that there should only be a few skirmishes this summer as both sides lick their wounds and dig in some more.

It is spring and you are in the city of Andrick under control of clans loyal to Havarn, you are all currently in a resnably cheap tavern set back from the city's walls called the "Swift Dagger". The food is bearable though by no means quialty, the rooms are reasonably priced and about as clean as you would expect. The "Swift Dagger" is probably best described as the top of the bottom of the heap of inns in Andrick. The local crowd is quite rough as the tavern i$ What I need to know is a brief description of who you are, why your in the "Swift Dagger" early in the evening and a list of what your good/bad at.

Possible ideas for characters might be:

It's a slightly more advanced style of Celtic world similar to one in the Devery series of books.

Robin J. Bradley

Game Writeup